Oct 142012

We finally get to the video of how to set up a dual boot system! Before you being, make sure you have gone though these steps…

1.) Pick a distribution

2.) Make sure you tested that distribution, if applicable, via a live CD or USB stick. Test all your hardware before installing!

3.) Make sure you know where you want to place your master boot record file for Linux, either the default set up, or and advanced setup.

4.) Back up all of your data!

5.) If you don’t want to use the default distribution’s partitioner, partition out your hard drives before hand.

6.) If you do want to use the defualt distribution’s partitioner, make sure you have an idea how you want to set up your hard drives for when the time comes.

7.) Back up all of your data!

8.) Use your CD or USB stick to begin the installation!

Sep 232012

Learn all about partitioning and why it is a great idea to separate your data from the operating system. To better understand “root” and the linux file structure check out this link here… http://www.thegeekstuff.com/2010/09/linux-file-system-structure/

Even tho in Linux it will “appear” that all partitions are not separate, this is not the case. For example, in Ubuntu if you have a separate partition for your home directory and or data, then it will look like it is underneath the operating system. This isn’t the case… It is really on a separate partition if you set it up that way, it simply appears to be underneath the file system in a folder. This is a major feature of Linux, partitions can be mounted in folders. So, if your home folder is on a separate partition it would be /home/*username*. In this example, *username* is what you use to log in to the computer. If you plug a USB stick in under Linux for Ubuntu the path is /media/*name-of-usb-stick* In the windows operating system, partitions show up as different drives, outside of the c: drive.

Aug 192012

In this episode I start you out with explain what an MBR is, also known as a Master Boot Record and how you have different options to set it up in Linux or Windows. If you are going to use the grub 2 method, this should be done for you during the install. Wait for the full blow install video for more details. If you want to use the Windows method, check out the link here for the software: http://neosmart.net/EasyBCD/ You won’t need to configure anything with this software until AFTER you have installed Linux.

Be sure to watch the troubleshooting links in below in case you run into any issues. It is always better to know how to troubleshoot before disaster strikes!

To fix the grub 2 boot loader (in case you run into issues) check out this video http://youtu.be/ajs9rO5upZA

To fix the default windows operating system MBR (in case you run into issues) check out this video http://youtu.be/kFU8kngy6O0


Aug 122012

In this episode I introduce the new mini series preparing for dual booting. This will become an in depth series. I want to give you the most knowledge I can so you understand the whole process of setting up a dual boot environment.  The dual boot will be shown with windows 7 and ubuntu 12.04. Other ubuntu flavors should work very similarly, such as kubuntu, lubuntu, and xubuntu.

I also show off my system very quickly just to get you motivated. Well, hopefully you get motivated… With any luck, after this series you too will want to  jump into using Linux!