Apr 132013

On this episode, I give a discussion of my new thoughts on life and computers. I want to simplify my life! With a kid on the way, I realized time will become even more precious then it already is.

My new setup is much simpler then what I use to have. Instead of running 3 or 4 computers with each having 2 operating systems, I have decided to keep things simple. I ordered a system 76 laptop. I now have a laptop/desktop replacement that only runs Linux. I then have my desktop that will only run windows 7 (mostly for gaming or any odd projects). I find myself in Linux 98% of the time and I am loving the simplicity of this new setup. Now I only have two computers to worry about. My new laptop and my windows desktop, that I barley use. Well, okay, maybe 3 computers… I do find myself still using my little netbook more then I thought I would. Perhaps my wife won’t get that after all…

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