Nov 182012

On this episode I show of a Unity desktop environment bug that is greatly reducing my work flow. I still really like Unity but this bug has me down.environment. Perhaps in the future this bug will be fixed or I will learn to live with it.  For now it is back to the awesome windows manager and xfce desktop.

The Unity desktop environment and this bug as made me think a lot about workflow and how I want my Linux setup to function. I see many videos on desktop environments but few people explain HOW they got there and some of the pros and cons to such a setup. Sadly I haven’t found a lot of videos on workflow and the Linux desktop. Which is a real shame as this is one of the huge pros to Linux, you can really teak some desktop environment to really meet your needs and goals. It is my goal so give you some ideas and show off some tweak-able settings to you can start thinking about YOUR work flow and really take advantage of what Linux has to offer.

Most of the tweaks I show you are in xfce4. Some of these tweaks can also be done in lxde and kde desktop environment. The idea is to get you thinking about how you may want to change some of your settings.

I also show you how to reset your xfce4 settings if you mess things up. Please keep in mind…

This will delete out ALL xfce4 settings, including keyboard shortcuts. All data will be safe, just all xfce4 settings will be reset to default. If you want to reset JUST the panel, navigate to this folder…


Then delete out the file xfce4-panel.xml

This will reset the panels ONLY and will leave all other settings intact.

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